About the Workshop

USDA ARS Microbiome workshop 2017

National Agricultural Library
10301 Baltimore Avenue
Beltsville, MD 20705

August 29-30, 2017

SCINet, the ARS computing and network initiative, is organizing a two-day ARS microbiome training workshop. The workshop will be held at the George Washington Carver Center, Greenbelt, MD, on August 29-30, 2017. The workshop will include approximately 30 ARS scientists, one/two invited speakers, plus ARS National Program leadership. SciNet will cover costs of travel, room and board.

The ARS Microbiome SciNet Training Workshop has two goals: 1) to train ARS scientists to access and use SCINet resources including Ceres (the high performance computing system), and 2) to establish teams of ARS microbiome researchers to train new scientists in using SCINet. Trainers include members of the ARS SciNet support team and ARS experts in microbiome research – human, animal, plant, and environment. The ONP Microbiome Working Group (Scheffler, Rivers, Okamuro, Crouch, Klurfeld, Callaway, Knaebel, and Gay) in consultation with the Area Leadership has selected participants that represent each of five ARS Areas and four research divisions. We hope to do additional microbiome trainings in the future based on this workshop.