Atendees and organizers


We are fortunate to have participants from all 5 ARS geographic areas and APHIS who do research on all 4 mission areas.


Participant location
Joe Urban Beltsville, MD
JoAnn van Kessel Beltsville, MD
Elad Tako Ithaca, NY
Michael Wisniewski Kearneysville, WV
Charles Li Beltsville, MD
Wenbin Tuo Beltsville, MD
Robert Li Beltsville, MD

Midwest Area

Participant location
Chris Dunlap Peoria, IL
Matt Bakker Peoria, IL
Torey Looft Ames, IA

Pacific West Area

Participant location
Diana Cox-Foster Logan, UT
Kirk Anderson Tucson, AZ
Mark Mazzola Wenatchee, WA
Amisha Poret-Peterson Davis, CA

Plains Area

Participant location
Dan Manter Ft. Collins, CO
Lisa Durso Lincoln, NE
Michael Kogut College Station, TX
Mike Lehman Brookings, SD
Robert Li Beltsville, MD
Arquette Grant Beltsville, MD

Southeast Area

Participant location
Rick Meinermann Athens, GA
Tom Ducey Florence, SC
Heather Tyler Stoneville, MS
Michael Rothrock Athens, GA


Participant location
Timothy Smyser Fort Collins, CO
Michael Stulberg Beltsville, MD

Bioinformatics Instructors

Person location
Christopher Childers Beltsville, MD
Anna Childers Beltsville, MD
Adam Rivers Gainesville, FL
Amanda Hulse Raleigh, NC
Justin Vaughn Athens, GA
Jonathan Shao Beltsville, MD
Matt Kramer Beltsville, MD


Person Role
Scott Jackson Complex Microbial Systems Group at NIST
Dariusz Swietlik ARS Northeast Area Director
Paul Wester USDA National Agricultural Library Director

Office of National Programs microbiome working group

Person Role
Brian Scheffler Chief Scientific Information officer, RL Genomics and Bioinfomatics Research Unit
Adam Rivers Computational Biologist, Genomics and Bioinformatics Research unit
Jack Okamuro NPL, Plant Genetic Resources, Genomics and Genetic Improvement
Joanne Crouch BARC, Plant Pathology
David Klurfeld NPL, Human Nutrition
Todd Callaway Food Safety Microbiologist
David Knaebel NPL, Soil Biology
Cyril Gay NPL Veterinary Medical Science