Group Discussion Questions

Session 1

One goal of this workshop is to build a community of ARS researchers doing microbiome work. We have a series of discussions sessions that are designed to give you time to discuss your work and things that could be done and foster a community of practice.

Session on is focused on what you are going and what you need from a community. We have provided guiding questions but feel free to discuss other needs or areas.

  • What kinds of microbiome work have you done and what challenges did you face?
  • If you have not done microbiome work what are you thinking of doing and are there obstacles to starting?
  • Are there specific resources that could have helped you?
  • Do you need access to sequencing or sequencing expertise?
  • Do you need access to computational resources compute time, storage, high memory machines?
  • Do you need better access to people with scripting or programming experience?
  • Do you need access for training in computational areas for you or your employees?
  • Do you have the opportunity to work with other scientists on microbiome projects currently?
  • If you could have a partner for microbiome research they would…

Session 2

  • What is the best approach to develop an ARS microbiome community?
  • How to develop and share best practices for:
    1. Experimental Design
    2. Data sampling
    3. Processing samples
    4. Data analysis
    5. To encourage efficient algorithms do we use compute resources wisely.
    6. Data preservation
  • What would you like to get out of a community focused on microbiome research?
  • What do your think you would contribute?

  • Considerations for data analysis. How to maximize ARS computational power

  • If I were giving advice to a person entering the field my advice would be?

  • I have developed [xxxxxxx] and am willing to share with the community with user friendly documentation.